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Цахим халдлага, эрсдэл
Ажлын байрны хяналт, мониторингийн програм гэж юу вэ?
Ажлын байрны хяналт, монирторингийн програм хангамж нь оффисын ажилчдын өдө... Цааш унших
Фишинг гэж юу вэ?
Мэдээллийн сайтууд дээр интернэт залиланд өртжээ, хямд машин авах гэсэн биш ... Цааш унших
Бүх бичлэгүүд
Санал асуулга
Та яг одоо ямар вирусны програм ашигладаг вэ?
Norton Security 2015 /5 Devices/
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Norton Security 2015 /5 Devices/
Үнэ: 250,000₮
Үйлдвэрлэгч брэнд: Norton
Хувилбар: Licence key: 5PC/1 жил
Хуримтлагдах бонус оноо: 0
Статус: Бэлэн байгаа
Товч танилцуулга

The new Norton Security simply gives you the best of Norton for the many ways you connect with your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Get comprehensive protection that’s specialized to secure your favorite devices. Stay safe wherever you go with proactive web protection, mobile device location, advanced privacy technology and more. It’s one solution for the different ways you connect.

Rest easy with rock-solid Norton protection for all of your devices
The PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet you use every day - yes, they're all covered.

Stay safe with specialized security
Our protection helps to keep your devices safe. Your PC and Mac are protected from viruses, online threats, identity theft and financial scams, while your smartphone and tablet are safe from loss and privacy concerns like unwanted access to your messages, contacts and photos.

Ensure your devices are always protected.
As you change the devices you use, we stay nimble and flexible, letting you easily move protection from one to another. New device? You’ll be able protect that one, too.

Protection so good, it's guaranteed.
We’re so confident in our antivirus and malware protection, we guarantee it. We’ll help keep you virus free, or your money back. That’s assurance you can’t get from free software.

Restrictions apply. Must be enrolled in automatic renewal service online. Availability varies by country.

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