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Ажлын байрны хяналт, мониторингийн програм гэж юу вэ?
Ажлын байрны хяналт, монирторингийн програм хангамж нь оффисын ажилчдын өдө... Цааш унших
Фишинг гэж юу вэ?
Мэдээллийн сайтууд дээр интернэт залиланд өртжээ, хямд машин авах гэсэн биш ... Цааш унших
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YI брэндийн хяналтын IP камер
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YI брэндийн хяналтын IP камер YI брэндийн хяналтын IP камер YI брэндийн хяналтын IP камер
YI брэндийн хяналтын IP камер
Үнэ: 150,000₮
Үйлдвэрлэгч брэнд: YI technology
YI technology
Хувилбар: YI Home
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Статус: Бэлэн байгаа
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Энэхүү Yi брэндийн хяналтын камерын тусламжтайгаар та гэр орон, ажлын байр, худалдааны цэгүүдээ хаанаас ч, ямар ч төхөөрөмжөөс шууд хянах боломжтой. Хянагдаж буй обьект тань 111 градус хүртэлхи өргөн зурвасыг 720p HD нягтралаар таны төхөөрөмжинд харагдана. Шөнө ч харах боломжтой бөгөөд харанхуйд 3 м зайг хянах боломжтой. Түүнчлэн та тухайн обьект дээр байгаа гэр хүмүүстэй шууд холбогдож нүүр нүүрээ харан ярилцах боломжтой. Та iphone, android үйлдлийн системтэй болон бусад төхөөрөмжүүд дээрээ Yi Home аппликейшнийг суулгаснаар илүү олон боломжоор хянах, тохируулах боломжтой болох юм.

Wide Angle/HD/Full panorame With 720p HD resolution, f/2.0 aperture and 111° wide-angle lens, the camera provides complete coverage in crystal-clear images. With a simple double-click, you can zoom (up to 4x) and focus in the smallest details. Through an integrated gyroscope support, you can have a complete panoramic view by simply panning your mobile phone left and right.

Night Vision YI Home Camera night vision features "non-invasive" 940mm infrared sensor that functions even in total dark environments, without disturbing those being monitored. It also features an intelligent system to ensure clear and high quality images day and night.

Two Ways Audio Built-in advanced microphone and speaker for clear 2-way Audio conversations. You can not only see and hear what's happening at home, but experience a smooth conversation anytime, anywhere. Never miss a moment, even while you're away.

Easy to Setup Set-up YI Home Camera in less than 3 simple steps! Place YI Home Camera wherever needed- on your wall, on a shelf, etc. Download the YI Home App. Plug in the power cable. Connect to your phone and then YI will real-time stream video to your device.

Motion Detection YI Home Camera always keeps an eye on things that are important to you. With built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, the camera sends notifications to your mobile phone alerting when, where, and what movement was detected so you always stay on top of things that matter!

Customized Features on YI Home App Customizable features on your YI Home App: Define Activity Zone, Alert frequency, Night Vision IR Lighting Controls, Alert Schedules, Camera Sharing, Motion Detection Sensitivity Levels, and more! You can also extend the coverage area with 111° Wide-angle and 4x Zoom.

128-bit SSL Encryption, 2048-bit RSA Key Leading security protection and an optional PIN code to access your videos. Supports 8-32GB microSD cards; FAT32 format. An 8GB SD card can record up to18 hours. When the card is full, it will automatically delete the first hour of video and continue recording (automatic cycle).

Integrated App for all YI Home Cameras Monitor and control YI Home Camera in one convenient app. Experience a user-friendly, yet powerful and intuitive user interface to customize your settings according to your preferences: Activity Alerts, Camera Sharing, Customize Schedules, and more. Available on iOS and Android.

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